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21st June  2017

Brussel's elite are in denial over EU crisis-study claims......
Residents have been describing the horrific fires in Portugal.
Spain is losing 26bn Euros in tax revenue in fraud as Jose
Mourinho is the latest name to appear as a soccer fraud.

As the Spanish bullet train reaches speeds of 330 km per hour
a Spaniard has won a European inventor award for satellite

A British expat who tried to kill his partner has been arrested in
Benidorm and a sick thief has stolen Mijas dog charity box.

There's advice on how to sleep in the Spanish heat and a coach
has been sacked for allowing his junior players to win 25-0!

The UK has now suffered an attack at the Finsbury Park
mosque. ....Whilst David Cameron has remained very quiet
amidst the Brexit talks his flagship plans to stop offenders
reoffending has been branded a flop.

The aftermath from the Grenfell Tower blaze suggests a litany of
errors and money-making....... the Government is blamed by
many.........The heatwave in the UK is breaking many records
and schools seem inflexible with their dress codes.

The judiciary is still creating shameful decision-making as
victims are failed by the system and many young people are
being prescribed anti-depressants.