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21st March  2018

WhatTHIS weekend the city of Valencia welcomes spring in style during the
annual Las Fallas festival - a loud, boisterous fiesta where the city is literally
set alight

POLICE have rescued a 14-year-old girl who became trapped on the eighth
floor of a building in Spain after a stunt went wrong. Meanwhile MORE than
200 people have today resumed the search for the missing Guardia Civil
police officer who was swept away by flood waters while performing a

POLICE have arrested a 39-year-old man after he was filmed hitting
300km/h (186mph) in an illegal road race in Spain.........and a MOTHER and
her three-year-old daughter have been seriously injured after their vehicle left
the road and plunged three meters down an embankment.

A YOUTUBE dare-devil, Ally Law, has failed in his attempt to free-climb
Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia after being spotted by security guards.
MIGRANTS have clashed with police in Madrid following the death of a
Senegalese illegal street vendor leaving 20 people injured with six arrests.

David Davis and Michel Barnier today shook hands and declared they have
made a 'decisive' step in sealing a Brexit transition deal.  The EU chief
negotiator and Mr Davis announced the dramatic breakthrough at a press
conference in Brussels.
Under the terms, the transition period will end in December 2020, while the
UK has also given ground on free movement rights and fishing quota rules.  
However, Britain will be free to negotiate and sign trade agreements after
the formal exit date next March. Gibraltar was also explicitly included in the
scope of the deal. The hard-fought package is now set to be signed off by
EU leaders at a summit later this week.

In any sane world, individuals with a full set of wedding tackle should not be
allowed to describe themselves as ‘women’ and claim all the privileges and
protections which go with it.  Yet the Government is considering letting
people self-certify their gender without any medical diagnosis — despite the
potential distress it could cause to more than half the population.  Hospitals
have stopped calling mothers ‘mothers’ because it might upset the trans-
fascists. A couple of weeks ago, retailers were knocking out gender-free
Mother’s Day cards.  You couldn’t make it up.   This is the crazy world we live
in, one in which a private girls’ school is thinking of installing ‘gender-neutral’
toilets, even though it has no transgender pupils. How long before every girls’
school in the land has to be fitted with urinals?

Labour leadership was scrambling  to limit the damage from Jeremy
Corbyn's refusal to condemn Russia.  Senior frontbenchers took to the
airwaves to insist they 'agree with the Prime Minister' amid fears that Mr
Corbyn has appeared to be an apologist for Vladimir Putin.  The veteran left-
winger was heavily criticised by MPs from all parties last week after he
pointedly failed to accept that Moscow was behind the attempted murder of
former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury.  Mr Corbyn's
spokesman inflamed the row further by arguing that the British security
services might not be trustworthy enough to draw a conclusion on the
involvement of Russia.  But in an apparent attempt to shift the party's position
as poll suggested it is way out of line with public opinion, Mr Corbyn's cose
allies John McDonnell and Baroness Chakrabarti stressed that Russia is
culpable and endorsed the government's reprisals against Moscow.

Campaigners have blasted a gambling watchdog for not bringing down
maximum stakes far enough on highly addictive betting machines dubbed
the 'crack cocaine' of gambling.
Fixed odd betting terminals (FOBT) are said to be dangerously addictive
and currently allow punters to stake up to £100 every 20 seconds - and
theoretically gamble away £18,000 an hour.  In October last year the
Gambling Commission announced it was going to tackle the problem by
slashing the amount punters could stake to below £50 - and today it
recommended wagers should be capped at £30 a spin.  The decision
dismayed campaigners who were adamant the maximum price per spin
should be £2. 

School PE lessons are racist, according to an astonishing taxpayer-funded
Teaching children to play football, rugby, cricket, netball and rounders favours
‘privileged’ white students, the politically correct 20-page report claims.   The
research, which was criticised last night as ‘ludicrous’ and ‘patronising’ by a
top black footballer, says sports that have been taught in schools for
generations hark back to Britain’s colonial past and make ‘whiteness’ the

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