Leapy Lee
Leapy Lee is not just a hitmaker from the 60s. Most people know his monster hit 'Little
' but Leapy is an acclaimed columnist with the Euro Weekly News
and writes with wisdom, wit and wile.
Leapy remembers a hit and miss acting career!...26th November 2008
Leapy is having a really bad day ut he´s going off  horse-riding with the children!...19th
November 2008
Leapy is on the lookout for 52 women coming from Cumbria to see him......!...12th
November 2008
Leapy and Vince discuss the nonsensical pettiness of officialdom.....this particular bit of
nonsense comes from Britain!.
..6th November 2008
Leapy´ s livid with irresponsible broadcasters on the BBC!...29th October 2008
Leapy´ s got the car keys and he´s being frisked, live-on-air!...15th October 2008
Leapy´ s looking at things we cannot answer..just yet!...1st October
Leapy´ s enjoying the bar at last and shares his thoughts on immigrant workers in the
17th September 2008
Leapy´ s organising his bar and is ready to stop for a chat...10th September 2008
Leapy´ s real love is the lady driver......3rd September 2008
Leapy´ s ready to share the thrill of the Olympics and his thoughts on China ..28th
August 2008
Leapy´ is looking for the electricity.....6th August 2008
Leapy´ s bar is almost up and running and the family are on the island ready to try out
the best brews.....
13th August 2008