50s to 70s Revival
Visit the website of Scott Conrad who founded the group
Christmas Cracker 2012 including the wonderful impressionist
Paul Melba and Leapy Lee with a new Christmas song...PLUS
a greeting from the legendary  Mark Wirtz--
19th December
I'm working on some new ideas to highlight our Golden Voices
within this group and today I developed a profile of Andy
19th November 2012
I've intended to feature Andy Martin for ages so please sit back
and enjoy some time with Andy and a taste of his songs-----
October 2012
The Internet is a bit 'Iffy' with the weather affecting things but it
has been time to revisit the choices of the group. As ever there
are some really great songs posted------
4th September 2012
July 11th 2012
I've been away from the group for a while so it was really interesting to add in
postings from old friends and new members of the group. As usual the music
was varied and informative. Thanks to the group's members
January 30th
The group continues to post fantastic music and today I linked their choices
with Saxophone Jones of the Undertakers and the Glittler Band
January 24th
The group and  the legendary Kathy Kirby and an interview with Michelle,
the daughter of the late great Matt Munro
January 23rd

My special features in this revival podcast are Scott                                 
Conrad, the founder of this group, and the wonderful Len                           
Barry who made those wonderful songs for us in the 1960s
January 17th
This is a very different podcast. It started with the group's choices but then led
to the Merseybeat Days and an interview I had with Harry Prytherch from the
Remo Four plus the great comedy impressionist Paul Melba was with me in the
January 10th
Another chance to promote the choices of the Revival group and also introduce
Iris, the original Silver Surfer, from Javea
January 16th
Today's star of the podcast is Barbara Clarke. Barbara is  a  big Billy Fury fan
and I included a tribute to him in this  special podcast  which featured Barbara's
music choices.
January 13th
I am very interested in personal choices within the group. What makes us like
similar music? I wonder whether our birth signs influence our taste? Here's
another batch with a little twist at the end of the podcast
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