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Vince talked with Brenda Lee-"Little Miss Dynamite'  on the phone from her home in Nashville to discuss 'Sweet Nothins'-one of Vince's all-time favourite songs. September 2006
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Gary Puckett sprang to fame via his gigantic hit 'Young Girl'. He joined Vince on the phone from his home in Florida. August 2006
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August 2006: Vince chats with Michelle Monro, the daughter of the legendary singer Matt Monro
2005 Paul Melba remembers the late, great lovable George Roper
The dynamic and legendary ERIC DELANEY joined Vince in the Altea studios in 2005. This gentleman star really is Top of the Pops
July 2006: Singer-Songwriter Charlie Landsborough is making an impact worldwide. Vince and Charlie discovered they had quite a lot in common.
Tony Hiller is one of the world's most successful songwriters and was the man behind the Brotherhood of Man. Vince speaks with Tony each week on the show.
2005: Vince's Guest is the well-loved Irish Comedian Jimmy Cricket-the man with the wellies!
The Grumbleweeds join Vince in the Altea studios. 2005
Dec Cluskey was a great guest with lots to talk about..If you e/mail hiim he promises he'll reply to every communication! October 2006
That great comedian Johnny Casson joined Vince in the studios in Altea along with Benidorm singing star Neil St John