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Paul Melba's Workshop
  Track1. Paul Melba has
always included Michael
Caine in his act. One of his
best memories is meeting
Michael Caine!
Track 2.. Paul introduces
his wonderful impression
of  Prince Charles
    Track 3: Paul looks at the
career of the great John
Wayne. Paul has always
included a tribute to the late
great actor in his comedy
impressions act.      
  Track 4: Paul receives a
mystery caller in his early
days on Vince's show!!
    Track 5. Paul discusses
the life and times of one of
his all-time favourite actors
Jimmy Stewart.   November
20th 2006                
Track 6. Paul comes to the
studio with Cary Grant in
mind. As usual, Vince and
Paul go away from the topic
and get lost in a mist of
memories!    Nov27th 2006

Track 7. Monday Dec 4th
2006 and a very special
bonus of two great
impressions for the price of
one as Paul discusses the
llife and times of Bing
Crosby and Humphrey
Track 8. Paul started to tell
us about Peter Sellers but
got lost amongst
impressions of Nelson
Mandella, Harold Wilson
and disgust at England
losing the Ashes Monday
December 18th
Track 9. January 15th 2007  
Paul comes in to discuss
Kirk Douglas and Vince
gets him to give us a stack
of other impressions
including  Kojak and