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Vince and Paul chat with Ray O'Brien about the MTV awards held in Liverpool.....and the chat goes awol  10th November 2008
This photo of the young Paul links to one of his many appearances in the USA..This time it was on the Perry Como show.
Vince and Paul meet up with Andy Thunderclap Newman and then Paul offers his tribute to the great Paul Newman. He also throws in many great impressions.  29 Sept 2008
Vince and Paul discuss Frankie Vaughan and Kathy Kirby and Paul does his brilliant impressions of the legendary Liverpool singer. He also adds his own personal memories
Vince and Paul have a couple of very interesting guests in the studio. Roger Baskey field managed the Cabin in Liverpool where Vince worked and Tommy Rawcliffe was not only Vince´s best man but was his 4th Dan Judo Sensei   22nd September 2008