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Serious Issues
Track 1. Seve joined me to discuss new initiates in the UK to protect children and give them back their childhood    December 12th 2007
Track2. Vince chats each week with Psychologist Steve Ashley about Serious Issues. In this episode they discuss Anger Management
Track 3. Vince and Steve discuss aspects of old age.
January 26th 2007 Track 4. Violent Relationships
Track 5. October 2006 Vince and Steve discuss the serious nature of addiction to Computer Games
Track 6. November 29th 2006 Vince and Steve discuss the activities of thugs as reported in the British press.
Annie Bennett visited recently and there is a podcast reflecting Annie´s work on Love Addiction
Occupational Psychologist, Stephen Howarth, discusses retirement including details of his new book       September 5th 2007
Vince Tracy discusses Serious Issues
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