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Vince Tracy Celebrity Podcasts 3
The lovely Wanda Jackson
told us about her early
career when she met the
young and dashing Elvis
Presley.She recently visited
Spain when she played at
the La Nucia Country Music
Festival 2006      
Most Brits will remember
Lily the Pink and Thank you
very Much by Scaffold. From
those group days
McGough OBE, CBE

became one of Britain's
most celebrated poets.

March 2007: Vince was
delighted to meet
Gary US
over the airwaves
having always liked New
Orleans and Quarter to
Three....just 2 of Gary's
fabulous worldwide hits

Barry Mason - April 13th
2007. Barry is one of the
greatest songwriters of the
sixties.Barry has written or
co-wrote 'Delilah, The Last
Waltz, Love grows where my
Rosemary goes, I pretend
etc.....Click for PODCASTS
and BIOG
Vince meets Cheeta the
world's oldest chimp
over the airwaves...or,
at least, his keeper
Westfall     April 19th

Ricky Valance is a personal
friend and it was a great
pleasure for Vince to catch up
on some ideas with Ricky  over
the airwaves at OCI
1st October 2008      

Neville Dickie had a number
3 hit with a piano number called
chatted with Vince on 3rd
November 2008