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Nicholas Parsons OBE is one of Britain's great TV
and Radio stars. He is an actor of great repute and a  
well-remembered part of British television.
Tony Christie possesses a voice of such distinction
which, harnessed to a keen ear for memorable
material, makes for indestructible durability.
Mike MacCartney- a member of the 60s group Scaffold but
he is also a very distinguished Photographer amongst many
other talents. He is the official Wirral Cultural Ambassador.
He is Paul MacCartney's brother.
Bob Lind is best known for his hit  the Elusive Butterfly
which got to number 5 both in the UK and the USA in 1965
Vince enjoyed meeting P J Proby with Duncan
Norvelle and Ricky Tomlinson after their great
show at the Benidorm Palace
Mike Sarne  It was an absolute pleasure to meet Mike
over the airwaves on 22nd April 2013 when he told  me
about his fascinating wonderful career.
The Manfredds were coming to Benidorm Palace on Sunday
6th March 2016 and I caught up with
Mike D'Abo to chat
about this concert. and his great career........