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Vince Tracy Celebrity Podcasts 6

Brian Poole and the
Brian Poole
joined Vince on 28th August
Step down memory Lane
to meet the hit-makers of
Mouldy Old
Dough-Lieutenant Pigeon
John Leyton joined Vince on
Monday 27th August 2007 to
chat about his fabulous acting
and singing career

Where do you go to my
lovely?  In my view a pivotal
sixties classic. I was chuffed
to meet
Peter Sarstedt
12th September 2007
Jess Conrad was voted
UK most popular singer
in 1961 but it has been
his versatility that has
kept Jess Conrad busy
on  stage and screen  
September 28th  2007
October 2nd Voted the best
Club Act 1978 T
he Krankies
Vince had met Ricky
Tomlinsonwhen both were a lot
younger. Ricky was then
known as Hobo Rick and
working as a compere at a
British Legion Club in  
Liverpool . Rick had told Vince
about his impending role in
Brookside ......