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Vince Tracy Celebrity Podcasts 7

The fabulous Elkie Brookes joined me
on the telephone from her UK home
2nd November 200

Don Partridge joined me on October
19th 2007.   Remember his great
songs ROSIE and Blue Eyes?
Weatherman Michael Fish joined
Vince 20th November
The fabulous composer and
Les Reed OBE     25th January 2008
Bruce Jones aka Les Battersby
joined Vince on November 20th 2007
Mike Berry has had a very interesting life
and clearly explained the various
nuances in his life.         Hit the
podcast to hear Mike...30th May 2008
Gerry Marsden is one of  Britain's best
loved popstars and his great achievement
of being the first to have three number ones
one of Gerry's great accolades.
Vince played football with Gerry on the
Merseyside Showbiz team.
June 9th 2008

Paul Carrack has had a brilliant career and
it was nice to talk with the guy who created
some of my favourite hits including HOW
LONG by his band ACE   28th May 2008
We all remember the character Mike
Baldwin played by Johnny Briggs but
Johnny has had a fabulous career which
has lit up many a TV night back in UK. Vince
had immense pleasure in chatting with
Johnny over the airwaves
26th May 2008
Frank Ifield joined me on the line to Spain
from his home in Australia on 20th May