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Vince Tracy Celebrity Podcasts 9
This iconic figure is
Britain´s most capped
athlete and has been one
of the greatest
ambassadors for British
Athletics. He joined me on
the line from the UK 20th
June 2008        

The actress, Jean
Alexander, who played the
part of Hilda Ogden in
Coronation Street was
Vince´s special guest on
Thursday 7th August 2008

Vince´s guest on
Wednesday 10th
September 2008 was the
legendary Trini Lopez

Len Barry had those great
hits 1-2-3 and Like a Baby
and he kindly joined Vince
on the line from his home
on 1st September 2008
Vince chatted with Andy
Thunderclap Newman
about his number 1 hit
-Something in the Air. The
podcast continues with
impressionist Paul Melba
offering a tribute to Paul
29th September 2008    
Tommy Bruce´s manager
Dave Lodge has written his
autobiography Have Gravel
Will Travel-He joined Vince
on the line from the
UK              11th February

To the best of my
knowledge, David Garrick
is the only person to have
sung opera at the
Cavern-YES-The Cavern.
David joined me on my
show on Monday 7th July
Vince met up with the
oldest swinger in town over
the airwaves on 9th July
Vince had a chat with
Pauline on Cool
FM on September 5th 2010.
Pauline is not only UKs
No1 stand-up
comedienne but also a
great actress
plus news of an honorary

Duncan joined Ricky
Tomlinson and P J Proby at
Benidorm Palace on 5th
October. Theye joined
Vince in the Altea Studios
on  Monday 6th October
Duncan is now with Ricky
Tomlinson´s Laughter
Show and he´s coming to
Benidorm Palace on 5/6
October. He joined Vince
on the line on Thursday
11th September 2008