Emile Ford
Emile Ford is first a sound scientist and secondly he is a number one
hitmaker. He has lived his life creating the best sound in the world and
he has been involved with some of the biggest names in the business.

Vince met up with Emile Ford on Wednesday 8th July when Emile
explained that he has been creating his wonderful sound for such great
stars as Michael Jackson, Abba, Bruce Sprinsteen, Dionne Warwick,
Aretha Franklin and the artistes who competed in the Eurovision Song
Contest 2009. His destiny has been to create his wonderful sound. The
podcast is an insight into his wonderful life. You can contact Emile using
the links to the left.
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Emile´s First Interview
with Vince October 2006
when Vince was with
Onda Cero
Developments for
Emile and his
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June 2010
Cool FM 974.com 11.12.2010