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The Health Minister Salvador Illa. announced Covid vaccination should  be voluntary.
For now, being vaccinated against the coronavirus has not been established as a
requirement for engaging in any specific activity. Recent polls suggest that a significant
number of people are not willing to get immediately vaccinated.

A Spanish court ruled on Monday that the conditions of migrants being kept in port
facilities in Arguineguín, in Spain’s Canary Islands, are “deplorable” but do not
constitute a criminal offence.    

Under Spanish law, migrants cannot be detained for more than 72 hours before being
placed in an immigration detention center (CIE).

In a UK July report commissioned by Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance,
scientists estimated that there could be 119,000 deaths if a second spike coincided with
a peak of winter flu.

Sometimes the double standards and pure unadulterated hypocrisy of the BBC simply
defies the imagination. They have now decided to censor ‘A Fairy Tale of New York’,
the longtime Christmas classic by the Pogues – in case it upsets its younger listeners.

England's Chief Medical Officer has dodged giving the AstraZeneca jab his full backing
as the company revealed it will run a new Oxford University vaccine trial after an
accidental lower dose blocked 90 per cent of infections in participants. Chris Whitty  

Covid Minister .Nadhim Zahawi warned many businesses would likely require proof of
the jabs once they become available, in the same way they now ask customers to
check-in using QR codes.

The University of Cambridge is at the centre of a free speech row after lecturers
refused to back a new rule which could mean they face disciplinary action for mocking
people they disagree with.