This was the day when we
were formally  receiving our
redundancy papers. It was
surreal as I was running
from my programme in the
studio to rejoin the bad
news department.

I feel we were treated with
great courtesy and this
gloomy initial meeting was
followed by a meal at El

The greatest unsung
heroes for me have been
Marlene and Danny our two
sales reps.
The Bad News!
Pepe, our founder, with
the Lawyer and Uniprex
Human Resources
Pepe-The Founder of OCI
Marlene our rep in Moraira area
Danny our rep in Altea
The meal in El Pescador
I have to thank Pepe for making it possible
It has been a tough time for all concerned but
we need to especially thank our listeners. I
wonder what comes next!
Please be aware
that I had to take
many of  these
pictures in a difficult
Hugh in a more relaxed moment
Pauline at work
El Pescador
Personal HQ
Hugh and Beverly
Paul Freeman
Charlotte and Danny