The Fourmost
Vince played football with Joe Bowers of the  Fourmost
when they played for Radio Merseyside X1. Joe joined in
the early days after sad events hit the group. Vince caught
up with Joe on the phone from Liverpool on 4th February
2008. With Vince in the studio is Paul Melba. Later in the
podcast you´ll hear Ray O´Brien and Don Woods   
Brian O' Hara and bass guitarist / singer Billy Hatton,
friends since grammar school, formed The Blue Jays in
1958. The group changed their name to the Four Jays, and
made their debut at the Cavern Club on March 1, 1961,
nearly three weeks before The Beatles. Rhythm guitarist /
singer Mike Millward joined the Four Jays in November
1961, followed by the drummer/singer Dave Lovelady in
September 1962. In the summer of 1963, the group -- now
called The Fourmost -- signed a management contract with
Brian Epstein.

This led to their being auditioned by George Martin and
signed to EMI's Parlophone record label. With Epstein as
their manager, The Fourmost (like Cilla Black, Billy J.
Kramer and The Dakotas, Peter and Gordon, and Tommy
Quickly) had access to early Lennon-McCartney
compositions which were typically felt to be unsuitable for
The Beatles themselves to record.

The Fourmost's first two singles were written by John
Lennon. "Hello Little Girl", one of the earliest Lennon songs
(dating back to 1957), and reportedly written while Lennon
was "on the toilet", was released on August 30, 1963.
Their fine follow-up single, "I'm in Love"
(Lennon/McCartney), was released on November 15,
1963, and sounded remarkably Beatlesque at the time. It
was notable as one of the earliest Beatles penned songs
to be released in the United States but, like the group's
other singles, it failed to chart there.

Their biggest hit followed. "A Little Lovin'", written by Russ
Alquist, reached Number 6 in the UK in mid 1964. But from
this point on, none of their singles would crack the Top 20
in the UK, and some failed to chart at all. "How Can I Tell
Her" was followed by a re-make of "Baby I Need Your
Loving" (which sounded as if it were sung by teenagers,
not adults); "Everything In The Garden"; and "Girls, Girls,
Girls" (originally recorded by The Coasters and a hit for
Elvis Presley).

The group's only album, First and Fourmost from
September 1965 contained a version of Jackie
DeShannon's "Till You Say You'll Be Mine" with vocal
harmonies and a guitar arrangement nearly as good as the
definitive version by The Searchers. Other notable tracks
included "My Block", a convincing re-make of "The In
Crowd", and cover versions of Little Richard's "The Girl
Can't Help It" and "Heebie Jeebies". The lead vocal
performance on the later song sounded like Paul
McCartney imitating John Lennon doing Little Richard. In
August 1966, they released a version of "Here, There and
Everywhere" which seemed to channel The Lettermen --
albeit with British accents. They also released a cover
version of George Formby's "Auntie Maggie's Remedy" in
November 1966. This song represented a comic/cabaret
facet to some of the group's recordings, songs which
included "Baby Sittin' Boogie" and Jerry Leiber and Mike
Stoller's "Yakety Yak". The country influenced "Turn The
Lights Down Low" (the B-side of "Auntie Maggie's
Remedy") may have been a short-lived effort to branch out
to less pop oriented fare, as the song was reminiscent of
The Beatles' "I'm Looking Through You", only not as
memorable. In 1968, now recording for the CBS record
label, they recorded a version of "Apple Peaches Pumpkin
Pie", a popular R&B hit by Jay & The Techniques; followed
by "Rosetta" (suggested by Paul McCartney, who played
piano on it), and "Easy Squeezy". The group eventually
stopped recording, and became popular on the cabaret
circuit. Mike Millward died from leukemia in 1966. Brian
O'Hara took his own life in 1999. [edit] Original band
members * Brian O'Hara - born 12 March 1942, Liverpool.
Died 27 June 1999 - (suicide) - Vocalist / Lead Guitarist *
Mike Millward - born Michael Millward, 9 May 1942,
Bromborough, Cheshire. Died 7 March 1966, at
Bromborough Hospital, Bromborough, Cheshire - Rhythm
Guitarist / Singer * Billy Hatton - born William Hatton, 9
June 1941, Dingle, Liverpool - Bassist / singer * Dave
Lovelady - born David Lovelady, 16 October 1942,
Litherland, Liverpool - Drummer / singer [edit] UK Singles *
"Hello Little Girl" (Lennon/McCartney) / Just In Case - Sep
1963 - Number 9 * "I'm in Love" (Lennon/McCartney) /
"Respectable" - Dec 1963 - Number 17 * "A Little Loving" /
"Waitin' For You" - Apr 1964 - Number 6 * "How Can I Tell
Her" / "You Got That Way" - Jul 1964 - Number 33 * "Baby I
Need Your Loving" / That's Only What They Say - Nov 1964
- Number 24 * "Everything In The Garden" / "He Could