Fred Wedlock
Vince met up with the oldest
swinger in town over the
airwaves on 9th July 2008

He has played the folk circuit for many
years, both prior to, and in the wake
of, his single chart success. He has
also presented many programmes on
West Country TV.

Wedlocks's albums include The Folker
(1971) (notable for the title track
parody of "The Boxer" by Simon and
Garfunkel), Frolicks (1973), Out of
Wedlock (1978), The Oldest Swinger in
Town (1981) and Fred Wedlock Live

Wedlock's daughter, Hannah Wedlock,
is now a member of the Pigsty Hill
Light Orchestra, another Bristol-based
outfit, whom Fred made his support
band at an early stage of their career.

Wedlock's grandfather Billy Wedlock
captained Bristol City F.C. and was a
regular for England in the early 20th
century. The Wedlock stand at Ashton
Gate is named in his honour.

He lived in Timsbury, Somerset.