Iris Percy
Iris journeys by train from Javea to Hits FM- Great to see you Iris
Tuesday 10th February 2008
Iris and Mike have a bit of fun with the internet today
Monday 24th November 2008
Iris and Mike discuss how a website can help children
Monday 17th November 2008
Iris and Mike look at the disposal of the old personal
Monday 1st Sept 2008
Iris and Mike join Vince for the Computer Club looking at the
amount of Spam we get and how to minimise it
Monday 8th Sept 2008
Iris and Mike meet Vince to discuss computer matters
Monday 25th August 2008
Monday 30th June  2008
A bleary-eyed Iris has the grandchildren facts on
Suncream etc.....
Monday 11th August 2008
Monday 16th June  2008
Monday 26th May  2008
Monday 14th July  2008
Monday 21st July  2008
Monday 4th August 2008
Monday 12th May  2008
Monday 28th April  2008
Monday 14th April  2008
Monday 24th March 2008
. Monday 10th March 2008