Bruce Jones aka
Les Battersby
Bruce joined Vince in the Altea studios of
OCI on Wednesday 20th November 2007
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Les first appeared in 1997 with his wife Janice, teenage daughter Leanne (from his first
marriage) and step-daughter Toyah (from Janice’s previous relationship), and they were known
as the family from hell. Les had spent six months in Strangeways prison for breaking and
entering. In 1998, Les discovered that he had a son, Greg. Greg turned out to be a psychotic
and abused his girlfriend, Sally Webster, until he was imprisoned. Les was frequently in trouble.
He assaulted neighbour Curly Watts and was at loggerheads with another neighbour, Des
Barnes, until one night when he helped Des out of a difficult situation. After the break-up of his
marriage, he was sent to prison for six months for assaulting a police officer who was living with
Les's wife Janice at the time. Despite their constant rows and nagging, Les truly loved Janice
(despite struggling to show it at times). When he embarrassed his wife by buying her a deep-fat
fryer for their anniversary, it became obvious that their marriage was on the rocks. Over the
years, the Battersbys calmed down, and Leanne fled after her young marriage to Nick Tilsley
broke down after her abortion, and an attack due to her involvement with drugs. Toyah was
raped in 2001 by a man she had trusted and often campaigned with. She re-built her life, but her
new man made her best friend Maria Sutherland pregnant, and she decided to leave to London
with her former love, Spider Nugent.