Liverpool Express
"What we love to do and why!"

Liverpool Express was a 1970s British rock band. They are
famous for songs such as "You Are My Love” and "Every Man
Must Have A Dream", charting several hits. They were the first
band to do a major tour in South America.[1]

Founding member Billy Kinsley previously played with The
Merseybeats and The Merseys. Liverpool Express toured with
both Rod Stewart and the influential rock band, Foreigner. One
of Liverpool Express' members, pianist Roger Scott Craig, went
on to join Fortune in 1982, and form Harlan Cage in 1996.

[edit] Band members
Roger Scott Craig - pianist / keyboardist
Billy Kinsley (born William Ellis Kinsley, 28 November 1946,
Anfield, Liverpool) - bassist
Tony Coates - vocalist / guitarist
Derek Cashin - drummer
John Ryan - drummer / backing vocals (1976-1981) - previously
with Nickleodeon, RoadRunner and Health Farm, later a member
of The Swinging Blue Jeans

Pete Ritson -(Mark Peters)        
Tony Coates (Liverpool
Pete and Tony joined Vince in the studios of OCI on Monday
8th October 2007. Also present in the studio was Beatles
Historian, Ray O´Brian