Hit-The Robin's Return
Neville Dickie
Piano Music at its best!
Neville Dickie is one England''s foremost stride and boogie-woogie
pianists. A regular performer on BBC Radio, Dickie has made
hundreds of appearances as a soloist or with his trio. One of the few
British jazz pianists to score with a hit single -- "The Robins Return" in
1969, Dickie has continued to be embraced by British jazz enthusiasts.
His 1975 album, Back To Boogie, sold more than one hundred
thousand copies. A native of England''s County Durham, Dickie spent
years playing piano in working men''s clubs. After serving a stint in the
Royal Air Force, he relocated to London, where he continued to plow
his field in the city''s pubs. Auditioned by the BBC, Dickie attracted the
attention of Doreen Davies, the head of BBC radio 2. With Davies''
support, he became one of BBC Radio''s leading artists. Dickie
remains active, performing in the London area with his trio and with a
band, the Rhythmakers, that he formed in 1985. ~ Craig Harris, All
Music Guide
Neville joined Vince on OCI on 3rd November 2008