Ricky Tomlinson
Vince had met Ricky when both were a lot younger. Ricky was then known as Hobo Rick and working as a
compere at a British Legion Club in  Liverpool . Rick had told Vince about his impending role in Brookside and
Vince was keen to let Ricky know he´d monitored his great career from a distance..
Oct 5th 2007
Ricky dropped into the studios in Altea with Duncan Norvelle, Christine from Benidorm Palace and P J Proby.
They has just played the Palace in the Ricky Tomlinson Laughter Show       
6th October 2008
Ricky dropped into the studios in Altea to join Vince and Eric on Friday 12th September...he´s coming to the
Benidorm Palace on  5th and 6th October 2008
January 21st 2008  Ricky´s back in Benidorm for the opening of a great new bar. He´ll be flying to the resort
tomorrow but now he joins Vince on the line from Liverpool..
We´re both fans of the Wonderful Benidorm Palace
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