Sam Leach
"What we love to do and why!"
Sam Leach was, and indeed still is, an out and out Rock'n'Roll fan.
In 1957 he organised a night for The Blue Diamonds. During the interval he put his
records on an old dusty turntable and when he saw the kids bopping around the
small garage that served as a meeting place, Sam knew where his future lay.

He told me he got greater pleasure putting shows on than performing onstage…
even with The Beatles.

Sam launched his first full time promotion at the historic St George's Hall in the City
centre. With wildly fluctuating results, Sam continued his merry way toward his
destiny - meeting The Beatles on 10th January 1961.

Sam famously organised "Operation Big Beat" at the Tower Ballroom, New
Brighton, November 10th 1961. Headlining on that first night were The Beatles
alongside Gerry and the Pacemakers, Kingsize Taylor and the Dominoes, Rory
Storm and the Hurricanes and The Remo Four. Around 4,300 fans pack into the
Tower Ballroom for the first in a series of Sam Leach's " Operation Big Beat" shows.

For almost two years he was swept along on a roller coaster ride. He then decided
to launch his own independent record label, Troubadour Records and followed that
with a bid to become The Beatles' manager. He tried to introduce them to reluctant
London agents by promoting shows at The Queens Ballroom, Aldershot. That
failure became part of Beatles folklore.

In February 1964 Sam bounced back from adversity. Anticipating that the Beatles
would soon conquer America following exposure on the Ed Sullivan Show, he
produced a magazine 'Beatles on Broadway', which sold almost a million copies in
eleven languages.

In the money again, Sam ran a group agency for a while but with The Beatles gone
forever his heart wasn't in it and he settled down to his most successful promotion
.... his young family, wife Joan and three kids, Debbie, Paul and Tony.
 Sam joined Vince and Paul on Monday September 3rd--to
tell us about his first meeting with the Beatles, how he
organised the tribute to John Lennon. He also gave an
insight to the business acumen of Brian Epstein and the
caring side of Paul McCartney.