Very Serious Issues
"What we love to do and why!"
Steve Ashley
Vince and Steve look at how we can learn from the animal
kingdom 18th June 2008
Music plays a huge part in our lives and Steve and Vince
discuss its impact
Be wary of EMO sites and keep our children safe   28th May
An article in the Mirror online, is about Sarah Ferguson
interacting with a Hull family regarding weight control and
sensible living     14th May 2008        
An article in the Mirror online, written by Paul Routledge,
outlines the ridiculous priorities which leave the elderly
vulnerable...just feed them tablets to keep them quiet!     7th
May 2008
Does it really matter whether we use a specific term to
describe people who are a general nuisance in society?     
23rd April 2008
A new survey to discuss-this time looking at bad manners in
the UK  30th April 2008        
The Pope apologises for the paedophile priests in the USA
and Anne Widdicombe talks to herself     16th April 2008
Why are the newspapers so depressing?  Who decides on the
depressing content?     2nd April 2008

Today we looked at an article in which the author has decided
Britain is too dangerous for his children´s eyes-so no TV
NEWS     27th February 2008
 Occupational Psychologist Stephen Howarth joined Vince to
discuss aspects of  his work in the working environment   7th
November 2007        
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Annie Bennett
teve Ashley