Spencer Leigh
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Spencer Leigh
Join Radio Merseyside's Spencer Leigh every Saturday evening
at 6.30pm for On The Beat - 90 minutes of music, interviews and

Spencer Leigh has been broadcasting on BBC Radio
Merseyside for over 30 years. “I’m embarrassed to say that my
first series was a poetry one called No Holds Bard, and I didn’t
appreciate at the time that written puns didn’t work on radio.
That was in 1972 and I hope I’ve improved since then.”

His music programme, On The Beat, has been on air since 1985
and, as a result, he has interviewed hundreds of musicians.
Once a month he hosts a 'Juke Box Jury' with local
personalities commenting on the new releases. There have
also been special concert performances from Billy J.Kramer
with the Dakotas, Dennis Locorriere, Sonny Curtis, Clinton Ford,
the Merseybeats, Magna Carta, Pete Wylie, Hank Walters and Up
and Running.

Jackie Lomax, Carl Chase, Hughie Jones & Al Cherry
From time to time, Spencer amalgamates his interviews in
special series, the best-known being the 1981 series, Let’s Go
Down The Cavern, which led to him writing the first book about
the Merseybeat era, also called Let’s Go Down The Cavern. This
has been updated and revised as Twist and Shout! Merseybeat,
the Cavern, the Star-Club and the Beatles (Nirvana Books,
2004). This book also incorporates parts of Spencer’s very
successful series about Liverpool groups in Hamburg, Germany
Calling which was broadcast on Sunday afternoons in the
summer of 2006.

Spencer’s recent books include biographies of the Merseysippi
Jazz Band (Sweeping The Blues Away for Liverpool University)
and the late Cavern DJ, Bob Wooler (The Best Of Fellas). His
biography of Lonnie Donegan, Puttin’ On The Style, and Billy
Fury, Wondrous Face, have had tremendous reviews. Sampe
chapters from his books can be read on his website www.

Spencer with Donny Osmond.
Spencer has written the sleeve notes for over 200 albums and
was delighted when the soundtrack album, The Best Of
Heartbeat, made Number One on the album charts in 1994. “Of
course no one bought it for my sleeve notes,” says Spencer,
“but it was great to see it at the top of the best sellers.” He has
recently been working on a double CD of Billy Fury live at the
BBC which will be released later in 2006.

You may find Spencer’s work in such magazines as Record
Collector, Mojo, Goldmine, Now Dig This and Country Music
People. He writes obituaries of musicians for The Independent
and says “when I meet someone, I am tempted to offer them the
full package of radio interview, magazine feature and
forthcoming obituary.”

Photographs from the programmes and past interviews can be
found on Spencer’s website, www.spencerleigh.demon.co.uk.

Join Spencer Leigh every Saturday evening on BBC 95.8FM at
6.30pm-8.00pm for On The Beat - 90 minutes of music interviews
and analysis.
Spencer Leigh is a well-respected  
author, broadcaster and historian.
He joined Vince on the line from
Merseyside on 10th September