The Spinners
"What we love to do and why!"

Tony Davis from the legendary
Spinners folk group joined Vince
and Paul Melba on the line from his
home in Wallasey. It was a great
feast of  nostalgia with memories of
Gregson´s Well and the Liverpool
Philharmonic. Paul had worked with
the Spinners on a bill that included
Frankie Vaughan, Rita
Tushingham, The Merseybeats and
Stan Boardman......quite a line-up!
The Spinners were a 1960s folk group from Liverpool,
United Kingdom. They were unrelated to the American
band "The Spinners", who were known in the UK market
as the "Detroit Spinners" or "Motown Spinners"

The British folk band The Spinners consisted of:

  * Hughie Jones
  * Cliff Hall
  * Mick Groves
  * Tony Davis

John McCormick was the group's bassist and musical
director for the final seventeen years. Cliff Hall was born
in Jamaica and came to the UK to serve in the Royal Air
Force. The group was unusual for its time in having a
multiracial membership.

They produced over forty albums and made numerous concerts and TV
appearances. They retired in 1989 after thirty years together, though
some members still perform. They were immensely popular by reviving
some of the greatest folk music and singing new songs in the same
vein. Critics say that their style was musically simple, cosy and
sentimental but this is what appealed to the fans.

One of their best known songs, particularly in their native Liverpool, was
"In My Liverpool Home", written by Peter McGovern in 1962.