Eric and Peter
Brian Clough
Sports 1
Sports 3
Rafa Benitez
Brian Clough recently discovered a tribute we
made to the legendary football manager .
think you'll find some of the panel's comments
very interesting after events subsequent to the
death of this legendary and influential figure
Technology The Sports Panel discusses
whether technology
should be introduced to football in order to
enable better and
fairer decisions.
November 21st 2006
Mark Catlin from Javea football club on the
Costa Blanca describes the problems of
semi-professional football in Spain.
December 12th 2006
The panel is Vince Tracy, Terry Whitehead and
Zorro. The subject is the
Proposed demolition
of English football by the European Union
January 14th 2007 Eric is not the biggest  fan
Rafa Benitez and reckons he's a defensive
coach. Vince thinks Rafa will eventually bring
the Premiership title to Anfield and his record
speaks for itself. The listeners join in..........
The sports panel discuss football for
January 30.2007