Dave Rollinson
EnglandCyclist Mexico 1968
Dave participated in the Olympic Games in Mexico in 1968. He joined Vince in the Altea
studios of OCI on
Tuesday 14th August to give an insight of his early days in cycling .
He has also written a poem reflecting his feelings regarding the changes in Britain.
Bill Shankly
The great Bill Shankly´s granddaughter joined
Vince to discuss her new book about ´Shanks´.
Click Bill´s picture for the podcast
Peter Elliott
Olympic 800metres  Silver Medallist  Peter Elliott joined Vince on the phone from the UK 8th November 2007
Sir Stirling Moss OBE
Vince was joined by the legendary racing icon who joined him on the line to the
Altea Studios on 29th January 2008
Geoff Capes was Vince´s very special
guest on Friday 20th June 2008
Dwain chambers has been the subject of many heated discussions and Vince
decided to talk to Dwain to see whether a discussion might influence Vince´s
own thinking regarding the drug debate. Vince is 100% anti-drugs but also not
sure whether the  athlete has been over punished. Decide for yourself     
Sports Panel 7th October 2008