Sports Panel
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The OCI Sports Panel has soccer pundit Eric Malpus as the
regular guest plus a host of contributors including Terry
Whitehead, Ron Mitchell, John Hemus, Ken Bates and visiting
celebrities. Ian Charman gives the daily Cellar Bar certs and
Rob Daniells looks at La Liga in Spain.
Sports Celebrities who´ve been on the show.
Rob Daniells:La Liga
Eric, Neil Colbourne, Ian Charman and Nigel Turner discuss the crime
and the time for the crime  
25th November 2008
Eric, Ken Bates, Neil Colbourne and Terry Whitehead discuss the
footballers who cannot play for Fabio  
18th November 2008
Eric, Terry Williams, Ken Williams and Ron Mitchell discuss the issues
in the news including another footballer behaving badly and fat people
incentives in Manchester  
11th November 2008
Paula Radcliffe is back to winning ways  and Eric is back with Neil
Colbourne, Nigel Turner and Ken Bates to discuss her great running
amongst other things    
4th November 2008
The Panel is captained by Ron Mitchell and we have a newcomer
today. Neil is Dustin Gee´s step-brother and he makes a great debut
along with Frank Williams, Ron and Stephen Howarth
28th October 2008
The Credit Crunch is biting into the world of sport with Banks in Iceland affecting West Ham and Arsenal in the
Premier League. There´s also the question of racism at Spanish football matches for the panel to discuss. Ken
Bates, Ron Mitchell,and Frank Williams joined Eric and Vince
14th October 2008
Dwain Chambers spoke frankly with Vince about his drug scandal. Make your own mind up as the panel is
7th October 2008
The Newcastle saga continues and the panel discuss the latest set of results plus --who manages the
Sept 15th 2008
Can England really be this bad? Sept 9th 2008
Manchester City have problems and Thomas Hunter and Eric Malpus discuss the implications for their
August 12th 2008
Track 9  Peter Williams,  Eric Malpus and Ron Mitchell were joined on the line by Dave Hickson. As
ever, there was lots to talk about
4th March 2008
Track 10
Peter Williams and soccer pundit Eric Malpus were joined today by Mike Mortimer who played for
Leicester Tigers and has written a book about the laws of the game
19th February 2008