Terry Whitehead
Terry was a member of my panel for our OCI discussion shows
on many subjects. We have worked together at several
stations. By profession Terry is a structural engineer and has a
great amount of experience of building projects in Spain.  

August 24th 2016: Constitutional Crisis Spain still has no
Government and Terry helps us explain how the voting system
of proportional representation works. We also looked at water
management and aspects of Brexit

Podcast: From King Juan Carlos to King Felipe 6 Spain has a
new king and on June 19th King Felipe 6 will take over after the
abdication of King Juan Carlos.. King Juan Carlos had done a
wonderful job but it seemed to be right to abdicate in favour of
his son who will become Felipe 6. Terry takes a very good look
at Spain as it looks forward to the new monarch.

Podcast:Water Management and other matters
We looked at the dreadful flooding in the UK an d we looked at
what can be learnt from experiences in Spain-. We looked at
unscrupulous builders and aspects of Terry's life through the
Franco years. Terry suggested that  Britain can learn from
Holland how to manage  water. As Terry told me, " You cannot
stop water but you can direct it."  This is a very interesting
podcast especially if you live in Spain