Track 1. There's a new series about Benidorm on ITV and there
are many of our local artistes seen in the show. Tony Hay
appears in the very first shot of the very first episode and he
talked to Vince about the show and his work in and around the
town. ;
February 12th 2007
Track 2. Tony is off on his next trip to Goa where he enjoys
helping those in need.....We hope to provide a link from Vince's
show to Tony in Goa                 
March 1st 2007
Track 3. Tony  visits the Altea Studios with Dr Deep and his wife
Dr Dalia . Tony discussed how he works with the Doctors who
were enjoying a  whistle-stop tour of the Costa Blanca hosted by
Tony. Here's part of the discussion.     
Jun 19th 2007