Beat the PANEL
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The panel is depleted as Terry Magic is caught up in a traffic problem.
However, Eric motivates Steven Howarth and Terry Whitehead to sing for their
supper and the panel brought home the bacon. Panel 34 -31!
7th October 2008
Tuesday 30th September Eric Malpus, Frank Williams, Ron Mitchell,  and
Ken Bates are whupped by the listeners who are in fine voice. Some of the
podcast was lost in the technology....Sorry!
This week's panel was John Hemus, Thomas Hunter and Percy Pukker        
20th May 2008
This week's panel was Percy Pukka, Ken Bates, Anne from Benissa and two
holidaymakers,  Dave from Manchester and Paul from Newcastle
June 10th  2008
Tuesday 5th AUGUST with Eric Malpus, Terry Whitehead, John Hemus and
Ron Mitchell. The panel is not hammered but Frank W from Altea knows his
films and ET from Calpe knows his books. The panel is beaten once again but
walk to the coffee table with their heads held high.
Tuesday 12th AUGUST with Eric Malpus, Thomas Hunter and Watford´s own
Christine and Chris. The panel get a very creditable draw despite excellent
work from the Costa Blanca listeners. The panel walk from OCI with heads
held very high!
Tuesday 9th September Eric Malpus, Frank Williams, Ron Mitchell, Stephen
Howarth and Ken Bates narrowly lost to our listeners
Tuesday 2nd September Eric Malpus, Terry Whitehead, Nigel from
Benidorm´s Cumberland Bar abd Ian from Altea´s Cellar Bar fought a
hard-earned draw with our listeners
This week's panel was John Hemus, Ian Charman, sports journalist Ian
Johnson and Percy Pukker        
13th May 2008
Tuesday 6th May Panel was Thomas Hunter from La Olla, Ken Bates from
Muxamiel and Percy Pukker
This is not just trivia but lesser known facts and lots of fun and involvement
to beat the panel. This new game show kicked off on
29th April with guests
Ron Mitchell, Percy Pukker and Kenny Bee.
Tuesday 26th AUGUST with Eric Malpus, Steve Howarth, Ron Mitchell and
Frank W from Altea making the panel a tough proposition today. The listeners
won by just half a point!
1st July 2008
Tuesday 8th July
Tuesday 15th July
Tuesday 22nd July
Tuesday 29th July
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