The Music Hall in Benidorm Old Town  and the
Two Palms Restaurant-Pictured right are Chris
Allen and Barry Britten
Left- Barry Britten in The Worker with Charlie Drake and
Henry McGhee.  Each week either Barry or Chris from the
Music Hall and Two Palms will give us a memory from a
musical of their choice. Chris is a well respected
Producer of
Gilbert and Sullivan works amongst others *
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and Barry is the Presenter of these podcast shows..

In the restaurant the food is really tasty
BUT the bonus is all
around you-the memories of the wonderful shows!
After your meal cross the calle to the Music Hall where Barry
and Chris will entertain you with their musical ability and
unsurpassed knowledge especially regarding Al Jolson and
George Formby. Click the posters to hear about the shows.
This week is the
Sound of Music presented by Barry  6th

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Britten and Chris Allen-Yes it´s the Two Palms
Music Hall