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Track 1.  Mystery Song Jul 13th 2007   The Costa Blanca is being thumped by this mystery song
Track 2.  Eric tells us where he used to skive and Vince tells us about his life in Wales. They also discussed sleeping on the job and Eric discusses aspects of French culture    Jun 29th 2007
Track 3. It's Eric and Liz' 2nd Anniversary and Eric is buzzin'. Man City had  a win, England's cricketers are doing well and Eric knows Russian. 1st Dec 2006

Track 4. Eric takes a pasting from the listeners when he takes them on with 'The Hits of the Sixties'. This was Eric's last show with Vince for 2006

Track 5. January 12th 2007
;Eric arrives on his skateboard and is sharpening his wit by getting into the Scissor Sisters!

Track 6   A bit of Friday Fun with Eric and Vince Jun 15 2007

Don't  forget Peter Williams' book: No Flowers for Frankie