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Bill Harry:Editor   Mersey Beat
Billy J Kramer
Billy Butler-Cavern DJ
Brian Epstein
Beryl Marsden
Carol and the Memories
Dougie Darroch and Fort Perch Rock
Frank Allen -the Searchers
Gerry Marsden:-First to have three consecutive releases at No1
Harry Prytherch-The Remo Four
Jazz at the Cavern
John Gorman: Member of Scaffold
Joe Flannery-Beatles Booking Agent and Cultural Ambassador to Liverpool
Fourmost-Joey Bowers
Kingsize Taylor
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Mike McGear-Paul McCartney's bro. and Scaffold Member
Paul Melba- Comedy Impressionist
Norman Higham RIP
Ray O'Brien-Beatles Historian
John Lennon Tribute
Roger McGough:-Great poet and member of Scaffold
Spencer Leigh-Merseybeat Historian
The Spinners-Tony Davis
The Prowlers-Phil Norman
Sam Leach          R.I.P December 2016
The Undertakers-Brian Jones
Tony Coates Liverpool Express and  Pete Ritson (Mark Peters)
The Merseyrats-Dave Jamieson 'Jamo?
Tommy Hughes-original Swinging Blue Jeans
Don Woods:-Weekly Podcast with lots of Mersey info
Stan Kelly
Carla Lane..The creator of the series BREAD
Chris Wharton:-great memories of the early days
Derry Wilkie and The Pressmen
George Long and Penny Lane Tribute Band