August 4th 2008
The Merseybeat Guys are mainly now involved in fundraising for sick and underprivileged children. In
Liverpool '
The Merseycats' and on Wirral 'The Cheshirecats' bring the musos together each week to get
money for childrens' charities. Here's Don  with Ritchie Prescott  and Dereck pictured after presenting a
cheque for £2500 only this morning 7th July to a Voluntary Group called 'Stick 'n' Step looking after
children with celebral palsey. Visit the Cheshire cats website at
Don and Vince met
again  outside the Royal
Oak Bromborough
September 26th 2008
Don has been a great friend to my show and this is our last broadcast on 94.6fm!   24th November 2008
Don has played his guitar with James Burton-his greatest guitar hero!   10th November 2008
There's always fireworks when Don is about and today is no exception !   3rd November 2008
Don  tells us about a tax problem with a difference!    27th October 2008
Don is in the Lake District and takes a break from driving to discuss Googie the Liverpool Duck and  other
great songs that Don has created!    
14th October 2008
Don champions the cause of the underdog and sings the praises of the Welsh ladies    6th October 2008
Don likes the old school Good Manners and also applauds Joanna Lumley who is campaigning on behalf of the
29th Sept 2008
Don has a surprise as he meets up with a debt-collector over the airwaves!22nd Sept 2008
Don is taking his life in his hands as he knocks an English treasure-Sir Cliff!    15th Sept 2008
Don has a new role in life--SPIDERMAN. He´s our Spider reporter from Liverpool    8th Sept 2008
Don has a word with the top security man in Wales....keep an eye on this one!      1st Sept 2008
August 4th 2008
October 30th 2007 Vince  was in the studio with two Paul Melbas. It´s a long story but Paul Melba as we
know him is really Frank and his younger brother is Paul. Confused? Well, we all spoke with Don on the line
from Merseyside about a range of Liverpool related topics. Paul junior is a member of the Chimes and has a
great singing voice .