Beryl Marsden
Beryl Marsden has had a fantastic career and has a
fabulous voice. She joined Vince on the show on
19th MAY 2008

" was born in Toxteth in June 1947. My Mum
(Doreen Hogg) said I could sing before I could walk.
We were very poor and shared one room in Carter
Street, just at the back of Parliament Street. We
moved to Picton Road when I was 7ish, still sharing
a bed with one older sister and a younger one. Mum
had ten children altogether.

I loved to sing and dance and also to write and I put
on concerts in the back yard. We had no TV then.

At the age of eleven I won a prize for one of my short
stories and at the same time passed my scholarship
and went to College St Hilda’s. It was too religious
and I did not believe in God as the Christian faith
taught, so I left and went to a Secondary Modern
school in Earle Road."