Celebrity Guests 1
Brenda Lee- Vince talked with Brenda
Lee-"Little Miss Dynamite'  on the phone from her home
in Nashville to discuss 'Sweet Nothins'- September 2006
Gary Puckett-    
sprang to fame via his gigantic hit 'Young Girl'. He joined
Vince on the phone from his home in Florida. August 2006
Eric delaney-The dynamic and legendary
ERIC DELANEY joined Vince in the Altea studios
in 2005.
Matt Munro-August 2006: Vince chatted with
Michelle Monro, the daughter of the legendary singer Matt
Tony Hiller-Tony was one of the world's
most successful songwriters and was the man
behind the Brotherhood of Man. RIP my friend.
Charlie Landsborough- is making an
impact worldwide. Vince and Charlie discovered
they had quite a lot in common        
Paul Melba-possibly Britain's greatest
impressionist and Vince's golfing pal! Paul sadly
died in 2020. RIP my friend.
George Roper-
2005 Paul Melba remembers the late, great
lovable Liverpool comic, George Roper
Jimmy Cricket- Vince's Guest was the
well-loved Irish Comedian Jimmy Cricket-the
man with the wellies!
Dec Cluskey-was a great guest with lots to
talk about..especially his career with The
Bachelors. Brother Con is next...
Con Cluskey-what another great guest and
it's taken 10 years to get this done. Another of
the great showbiz names! December 2016
The Grumbleweeds-then down to just 2
members...        The Grumbleweeds joined Vince in the
Altea studios. 2005
Johnny Casson-That great comedian
Johnny Casson joined Vince in the studios in
Altea with Benidorm singing star Neil St John