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Track 1 Pukka Pies and Pukka Pie moments....Vince feels a holiday
coming on
4th April 2008
Track2  Keeping Pets
Ideas spring from the dark recesses of  Vince's mind as he chats with Zorro-the
Silver Fox.
Vince is reminded that animals need a holiday!
Track 3. ERIC AND THE MONGRELS:Vince discovers that the Silver Fox has a very
courageous streak-he managed to separate mongrels fighting and got a round of applause from
a bus queue!!
Track 4. The INFURIATING ADVERT:: Vince's listeners have been asked to identify the
advert using a certain backing track....they just can't get it!!
Track 5. GREY BUDGIES: Vince and Eric have budgies named after them!!
Track 6 . Eric admits to wearing tank tops in his youth-and the swallows are ready to fly
Track 7. The mystery song gets infuriating!! Join ET from Calpe, Glenys the
Menace from La Nucia and Iris from Javea as their guesses fall by the wayside
Track 8. Cathy from Benidorm spots the mystery song, Sonia and John from
the Jolly Frog in Campello  are celebrating and Vince has an idea for Churchills
Track 9. The Snowbirds, Clive and Annie, have travelled from Portreath in Cornwall to join Vince
Track 10.. Iris, from Javea, works it out in fine
Track 11. November 9th The listeners name songs with animals in the title!
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