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Track 1. Sometimes a quiz will materialise from a chance remark or an impromptu radio moment. Here's a quiz based on the music of the 80s        May 11th 2007
Track 2. Vince is back from his holidays and this is the fast and furious Trivia Quiz designed to get names in Miss Minnie's Bin for the weekend meal for two at the lovely EL Guitarra in Villajoyosa  ...with the compliments of Sheila and Peter   09.05.2007
Track 3. Vince is getting ready for a week's holiday and wants to give the goodies he organises a challenging ABBA quiz! Eric is put through the mill as usual!    April 27th 2007
Track 4. Eric's been back to Manchester for a week and he's raring to go ........and guess the mystery song. Unfortunately for him lots of listeners are also guessing..not only that but Vince describes Eric in music.... February 12th 2007
Track 5. The Trivia Quiz always produces a few laughs and on this quiz we were looking for the name of Denis the Menace's little sister! . March 28th 2007
Track 6. The Trivia Quiz . April 12th 2007