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Vince Tracy Celebrity Podcasts 8
Chesney Hawkes had
met Billy Shears at
Shane Ritchie´s wedding
in Majorca and Billy kindly
gave Vince the contact.
Chesney joined Vince on
the line from England
just after returning from
Iceland where he´d been
conducting a songwriting
workshop. M

This legendary singer
joined me on the line
from his home in Los
Angeles. It was a real
pleasure to talk with
Johnny about his
fabulous career  and we
put the broadcast out on
25th February 2008
The Walker Brothers had
fabulous hits in the
sixties and Gary gives us
the lowdown on how it all
started . He had an early
claim to fame in that he
drummed for Elvis. He
was also a pal of PJ
Proby and was
encouraged to come to
the UK by the then
Rolling Stone Brian
Jones.Gary then told us
about his career after the
Walker Brothers.
Jet Harris is a legend. Jet
has had an illustrious
career as an original
member of The
Shadows,  as Jet Harris
with Tony Meehan and as
the first musician to play
an electric bass in the
UK. Jet played on most of
the early Shadows hits
including the wonderful
Apache and has
re-issued his great hit
Diamonds on his new
It was an absolute
pleasure to have Jet on
the show on 29th
February 08.
Everybody knows
Tommy´s great songs
Mony Mony and Hanky
Panky but tnow there´s a
brilliant new CD for
Christmas.....      29th
October 2008

Helen Shapiro has had a
fabulous musical career
but then her life has
taken another direction.
Listen to the podcast
then visit the website by
clicking her picture to find
out about Helen´s
Gospel Outreach
April 23rd 2008
John Gorman, Scaffold,
went to the same school
as Vince and they
remember the good old
days at St Anselms
College, Birkenhead.
Other old boys include
Paul O´Grady and Austin
Alvin has had a variety of
aspects to his career.
This is exemplified by his
switch from the
successful Shane
Fenton to the even more
successful Alvin
Stardust. Alvin jjoined
Vince on the line on 19th
May 2008
A unique, and
charismatic performer,
Dave Berry performed a
mixture of hard R&B and
pop ballads. He was
popular in Britain, and on
Continental Europe.

Albert is a guitar virtuoso
and he joined Vince on
the line from Los
Angeles on Monday 12th
May 2008